The world of Snomping is an interesting one. It is said to be the fastest growing online social activity in the the history of the Internet.

Mobile devices such as phone’s, ipod’s and pda’s are becoming more accommodating for the Internet with larger screens better browsers and faster downloading.

Every day more and more people are using their mobile phones to access the Internet and every month hundreds of new websites are published specifically aimed to capture the audience of mobile users so this means the industry playground is getting bigger as well as the people that play in it.

Experts estimate that within 2 years, 95% of all Internet use will be from a mobile device. Imagen what the mobile website advertising market will be worth in 5 years from now!

The mobile Internet community can no longer be ignored by any website development company or online publisher wanting to expose a product or service to world.

As we all know the key to maximum exposure is good communication and what better way to communicate with people than targeting their No1 communication device itself, the Mobile Phone.

People love communication, thats why social networking websites are so popular. This is also why people carry a mobile phone with them everywhere they go.

The two have now started to collide and the result is Snomping, an exciting new trend and a potential billion dollar industry that I believe in the next few years will snowball into the biggest website category on the Internet.


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